June 28, 2024

Escaping the Heat? Not Quite! My Summer Gig Adventures in Western NY

I recently relocated to my summer locale in Western NY State to escape the brutal Arizona heat at home. Nice try, Sarah — last week I was setting up for an outdoor gig here in Westfield, NY, and at 5:00pm it was still 89 degrees and 76% humidity. You know, I’ve performed outside in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 105 degrees heat (it was only May!) and thinking about it, I actually preferred the 105 degrees temps. As we like to say, “it’s a dry heat.” That humidity out here in WNYS sucks the life outta ya. I was drenched in a matter of minutes. And, no, it wasn’t the beer!

I always come back east with every intention of “taking a break;” a study break — a sabbatical, of sorts, to work on guitar skills, vocal development, learn and expand my repertoire, learn a new instrument (this summer it’s actually my old coronet), enjoy the verdant lush environment, and rekindle friendships with fellow musicians. So, I am trying to restrain myself, and find balance here which means pulling back on the accelerator and to not be so frenetic about “getting the gig.”

However, I have lots of opportunities out here, and as I said to someone just yesterday “the answer is always ‘YES'” when it comes to the offer of a gig! The money is nice, but also, I enjoy performing because I love to bring joy and see the smile of recognition on a face when they know a particular tune I am presenting. That brings me joy, and its irresistible. Besides, “if I don’t take the gig, someone else will!” Right?!

We all know that feeling and I want to talk about that last comment in my next post, so come back and we will dig into that powerful sentiment; that, and the dangerous “comparison factor” — that seething unrest inside your gut when you see the gigs “everyone else is getting,” but not you, or when that agent is not booking you, but everyone else. Right? “After all, I have 800 songs in my repertoire and I’m as good as the next person, right?” Let’s talk about that…

That’s it for now… I have to go over some material now, get my gear organized and get ready for a gig this evening. Really!

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