May 9, 2024

Restructuring My Branding, Marketing, Filming New Reels And Future Goals

Let’s start with those “goals” … we all have hopes and dreams, right? At a very young age, deeply inspired by experiencing a concert featuring a group of acoustic folk musicians one of my dreams since I was ten or eleven years old was to be on stage and play music — especially the acoustic guitar. I wanted to convey and share with others the same feelings of joy that I had whenever I experience someone, a group or symphony perform. Fast forward to about ten years ago, my long-time mentor and teacher, Doug Edgell from Pittsburgh, PA, inspired me to set some high goals that I could “live into.” The pursuit of my own dream at times has been an elusive one, but it was always present. Yet, when I finally had the opportunity and got serious about my music and achieving my own dream, having set goals that could “live into,” I find myself now in a place that I could only imagine all those years ago: performing in a variety of settings and finding opportunities that I only dreamed about!

But how did this happen? In addition to the hard work, practice and discipline required for growth, there are other aspects of finding those opportunities for work. We are ever-changing, right? As the old saying goes “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” Presenting our own shifting and changing selves through branding, marketing, advertising, in a noise-filled environment is an ongoing and challenging process, yet, as a performing artist it is necessary if we are going to break through in an extremely competitive market. Keeping up with that requires us to be attentive, active and not static. I am not the same artist, let alone the same person I was ten years ago … not even ONE year ago! So, if I am intent on continuing to find opportunities for work, branding to me is an ongoing process in order to keep pace not only with my own shifting and developing self, but with the needs and demands of the marketplace.

I am serious about my work as a performer and achieving my goals. And I am aware and attentive to presenting a cohesive image that is consistent with who I perceive myself to be in the marketplace. This is why I have completely re-vamped my website, filmed and created new soon-to-be-released demo reels (both for my band and as a solo artist), continue to gather new content for my social media and find ways to stay in touch both with my base as well as my presence in the marketplace. And it likely won’t be the last time. Branding, or RE-branding is not a “one-and-done.” As we unfold personally and as an artist, we have to keep up with that, as well as changing market demands. When I look back at some of the stuff I put out there early on in my career, to me, at least, maybe it’s a bit “cringeworthy?” But that’s where I WAS. And some day in the future I’ll probably look back on what I am doing today and wonder “What was I thinking??” But that’s progress, right?

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